Friday, July 2, 2010

Project Genesis

Hello everyone,
I was over at Suzans blog at the old grey mare and she is doing a project that I feel is very important.
So I am jumping on board.  I have almost always recycled my cans and I use weight watchers smart one
containers in my studio as paint pallets.  I know there is so much more that I can be doing and am really going to try to do better.Here is the link Please join.


oldgreymare said...

Thank you for visiting oldgreymare and Genesis, and thank you for your comment.

Next Genesis on August 1st, please join me again with another post on the subject, giving us some ideas perhaps of changes you've made the past month, or new things you are trying etc. and be sure to use the Linky so all can see.

Any questions please email me, OK?

Have a great weekend.


My Sweet Rose. said...

Hi Diana,
Thanks for coming over to visit my 'Mouse House', just getting round to saying hello to everyone. Loved the journal in your earlier post.