Saturday, June 28, 2008

Calvary Chapel Ladies Luncheon

We had a beautiful luncheon at my church today. I will post more about it later but
here are some pictures of it.
Blessings to you

Saturday, June 21, 2008

How Can This Happen?

Can you believe this. It's supposed to be the hottest weekend so far this year.
You would think it would be safe to start tearing off a roof right? Guess again!
Now that part of our roof is tore off the wind starts blowing and clouds are rolling in.
Big clouds, thunderstorm quality clouds. Thank God it's just the back porch area that
is tore off and they can get it covered. I just find it curious that a sunny hot morning
turns to this.
I myself LOVE storms. Snow storms,Thunderstorms all of it. The louder the thunder the
better I like it. I must be strange. Don't answer that tell you get to know me.
On a lighter note I have been creating up a storm and hopefully soon I can join the art world
and post some pictures of it.
I still have a lot to learn so be patient.
Blessings to you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Do I dare hope to do this?

I have been reading alot of blogs and you guys have got it all together. I am so green its going to take a lot of help to get this computer unsavy fool up and running. I've read about how blogging has changed your life and all the friends you have made. I can hardly manage to get a
photo uploaded. and oh... the banners you all have are to die for. How do you do it? HELP!!!
I want a blog where I have beautiful photos and awesome art displayed.
I want to be able to wow you with funny stories and whitty remarks.
So let the fun begin.