Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yard Sale Nonsense And ramblings

So Saturday I hit a few yardsales and found this.
NO not that!


It's a making memories scrapbook bag.  My husband got it for me for a steal.
So cool!
Back to the Cat, look how she's sitting.  It totaly cracks me up!
I got this old college typewriting book from 1941.  It was in the free box at the library.
It will be cool to use in projects.  Anyone remember those college typewriting courses?
I also got a bag of pens.  These are truly cool pens.  Fine point,  silver, gold, black.  I love them.
They would have cost a bundle in an art store.
I got a huge heavy duty canvas that was gessoed black.  I gessoed over it in white.
Something good is going to go on this.  Just don't know what it will be yet.
Hope you all are having a good Fall.  It's still hot where i'm at but cooling down.
Have a great day.