Monday, April 1, 2013

Mixed media art in progress Part 1

Hi everyone, I have been really inspired by all the gorgeous spring colors.  The flowers blooming, huge fluffy clouds, and all the fresh spring fragrance.  I also wanted to share a new project with you.  Oh, and also tell you I was asked to teach a class in my local library this summer.  I am so excited.  More on that later.

This is a canvas that I first painted pink.  Then through the process of layering I started adding
more color.
I love Prima products so I used their mask in the corner.
I also love to incorporate old rusty hardware in my work.
I love the mix of rusty and feminine.
I'm also working out of my comfort zone on this piece.
The blue and green was a little too bright so I toned
it down with gesso.  I used my fingers as a paint
brush.  If you look close at the end of the
3 rusty washers, you will see a pink bird.  That was
a happy accident.  I didn't intend to paint her.  She just
showed up.  So I dotted a little eye.
I made the birdcage have a rusty patina.  I first used
Tim Holtz distress ink in Weathered Wood.  Then I used
modeling paste in random areas.  Then I used a rusty colored
ink over that in random areas.
I painted my little roses on the birds.  I have a video on
youtube showing how to paint these.  I will post a link.
I then tore up some card board so it had alot
of interesting texture and painted it with gesso.  This
part is not finished.
I will be back tomorrow with more pictures in Part 2
My Class
The class I will be teaching is "SteamPunk"  I have been
making charms that use alot of the characteristics of
steampunk.  I have work displayed at the library and when
our librarian mentioned she is working on developing
a class project.  I raced home and grabbed my charms.
She liked them so now I am going to teach a class.
I will be posting some pictures soon.  I have videos up
on youtube but my camera doesn't catch the detail in video.
I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the evening.  Thank you
for visiting.  Please leave me a comment and let me know you
were here.