Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More studio pictures

You know, I just feel so bad that I totally forgot about the blog party.  I had huge plans.  I was really going to clean the studio, fix up the outside and do this wonderful post.  Then life happens and I just simply forget.  I have been looking at all the gorgeous studio photos and blogs worthy of magazine publication and I am so impressed.  Gosh I wish you all lived closer.  We could be such wonderful friends.  I snapped a few more pictures to share with you.  Please take the time to take a peek.
This is right outside my studio door.  My studio is 11 X 14 and is seperate from my house.
Ribbons and laces in a vintage basket.  I love the material that covers the basket.
My  painting station.  I covered the drafting board with pages from a book that was falling apart.
The Country Diary of an Edwarding Lady.  I have several copies of that book.
My beloved studio cat  Snickerdoodle.  Can't create without him by my side.

This was an auto parts storage cabinet in a past life.  My husband gave it to me and we  um I mean He cleaned it up and painted it for me.

This is a mixed media canvas i'm working on.  This is just the background.

Just a few of my beautiful laces.  I am a laceaholic.  I love it!
Well, this concludes this little tour.  Thank you for checking back with me.  Have a great day
wherever you are.  Hugs,   Diana

Monday, July 16, 2012

Where Bloggers Create Party 2012

Hello everyone!  Thank you for coming to visit my little creative piece of heaven.
I am so sorry I am so late for this wonderful party.  I so look forward to this
every year.

The above picture is some of my beautiful laces.

This has since been rearranged.  I love to change things around.

A couple of sweet vignettes

I thought this view from my window in winter would help to
cool us off on this hot summer day..
This is one of my wonderful thrift store finds.  I love how it adds a
vintage vibe to my studio.

Some of my beautiful white buttons that I love to collect.

A few more treasures.
Here's my sweet chair thief villain.  It's aways a race to the chair when
he comes out to the studio with me.  He usually wins lol.
When, if by chance, I get to the chair first, this is where he lays.
I hope you enjoyed this little tour
Thank you for visiting and forgiving me for being late.
Please leave me a comment and let me know you were here.
Enjoy the rest of the tour.

Hugs to you,  Diana

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm so sorry I forgot the blog party

Oh NO!!!  It is Sunday night and I just realized I forgot to post studio pics for Karens party.
I got in a minor car accident on Friday and totaly forgot.  I'm SO Sorry!!!!  I will do a post with links
asap.  Tail between legs embarressed.  Hugs, Diana