Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More studio pictures

You know, I just feel so bad that I totally forgot about the blog party.  I had huge plans.  I was really going to clean the studio, fix up the outside and do this wonderful post.  Then life happens and I just simply forget.  I have been looking at all the gorgeous studio photos and blogs worthy of magazine publication and I am so impressed.  Gosh I wish you all lived closer.  We could be such wonderful friends.  I snapped a few more pictures to share with you.  Please take the time to take a peek.
This is right outside my studio door.  My studio is 11 X 14 and is seperate from my house.
Ribbons and laces in a vintage basket.  I love the material that covers the basket.
My  painting station.  I covered the drafting board with pages from a book that was falling apart.
The Country Diary of an Edwarding Lady.  I have several copies of that book.
My beloved studio cat  Snickerdoodle.  Can't create without him by my side.

This was an auto parts storage cabinet in a past life.  My husband gave it to me and we  um I mean He cleaned it up and painted it for me.

This is a mixed media canvas i'm working on.  This is just the background.

Just a few of my beautiful laces.  I am a laceaholic.  I love it!
Well, this concludes this little tour.  Thank you for checking back with me.  Have a great day
wherever you are.  Hugs,   Diana


Sandy said...

What a sweet space! Love all those laces and your work surface with book pages is awesome. Thank you for sharing.

Julie said...

What a fantastic creative area! Your laces just floor me...what a cool way to hang them up!!! You have so many storage areas...this is perfect!!! My daughter just cleaned and organized my exceedingly small craft storage area. It looks so good right at this moment!!! LOL. (Please stay that way, area)!!!
xoxo- Julie

Linecathrin Ekseth said...

You have such a wonderful artstudio.Everytime you show it my nose is stuck to the screen trying to see all the details. many many hugs.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

hey diana..."merci" for stopping in today and leaving such kind words. they made my day! as for my labels....i mentioned a few Posts back, that if anyone wanted any or all of them...just let me know and I would email them. If you send me your email address...i would be happy to send them along! ;)

Vicki C said...

Oh thanks so much for the sweet comment. I feel so strongly about those who share thru blogging. Even tho the comment wasnt directed to me, it still struck a nerve. Your blog is beautiful and your creative space,...well,it's AMAZING! Thanks for sharing! Keep on blogging! :)

Karen said...

Diana, your studio always looks so nice. Did you get that black and floral dresser from my mom's garage sale? I have a couple in my closet. :)