Monday, July 16, 2012

Where Bloggers Create Party 2012

Hello everyone!  Thank you for coming to visit my little creative piece of heaven.
I am so sorry I am so late for this wonderful party.  I so look forward to this
every year.

The above picture is some of my beautiful laces.

This has since been rearranged.  I love to change things around.

A couple of sweet vignettes

I thought this view from my window in winter would help to
cool us off on this hot summer day..
This is one of my wonderful thrift store finds.  I love how it adds a
vintage vibe to my studio.

Some of my beautiful white buttons that I love to collect.

A few more treasures.
Here's my sweet chair thief villain.  It's aways a race to the chair when
he comes out to the studio with me.  He usually wins lol.
When, if by chance, I get to the chair first, this is where he lays.
I hope you enjoyed this little tour
Thank you for visiting and forgiving me for being late.
Please leave me a comment and let me know you were here.
Enjoy the rest of the tour.

Hugs to you,  Diana


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great space, Diana! I love that you've got your own place for creating! I love seeing supplies out and they make for great display. Thank you for the winter shot ~ it's been so humid here! Thanks for sharing your creative space!

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you visited me so I could visit you. Your sweet studio is just so wonderful. I see your have a cubby very similar to mine. Aren't they wonderful? I'm so glad you have your own place to create!

So many of us seem to be going thru things in our lives...huh? Trusting God is so hard sometimes... I know in my heart He ALWAYS has my back. Praying for you friend~

Love, Rebecca


LOL! Your cute kitty is definitely a great addition to the studio decor! So glad you stopped by so I could meet you. Looks like you have a great place to create. Good for your soul, isn't it?


Kathy said...

I loved seeing all your little treasures! Thank you for sharing.

StasaLynn said...

First, I am glad that your accident was only a minor one! Second, Snickerdoodle looks a lot like my Michael when he was a younger man.... My other kitty Miss Suzy is my chair thief. Your space is awesome. I love the pictures of everyone spaces that shown how it is all the time. I will be back to see more of your creations. I want to dabble in mixed media artwork!

Thanks for sharing!


Maureen Hayes said...

What a gorgeous space! I want to steal it and Snickerdoodle as well! I like that your studio is separate from your house, how peaceful that must be!

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely studio with us all! I enjoyed seeing it so much.