Thursday, August 2, 2012

Snicky makes friends with a deer

Hi everyone.  Just a quick post.  This picture was taken in a total rush to get the shot.  Please excuse the blurriness.  My darn cat tries to befriend anything that comes on the property.    I really worry that one day he will try to befriend a skunk or a mountain lion.  Or worse!
I thought this was so cute anyway.    Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More studio pictures

You know, I just feel so bad that I totally forgot about the blog party.  I had huge plans.  I was really going to clean the studio, fix up the outside and do this wonderful post.  Then life happens and I just simply forget.  I have been looking at all the gorgeous studio photos and blogs worthy of magazine publication and I am so impressed.  Gosh I wish you all lived closer.  We could be such wonderful friends.  I snapped a few more pictures to share with you.  Please take the time to take a peek.
This is right outside my studio door.  My studio is 11 X 14 and is seperate from my house.
Ribbons and laces in a vintage basket.  I love the material that covers the basket.
My  painting station.  I covered the drafting board with pages from a book that was falling apart.
The Country Diary of an Edwarding Lady.  I have several copies of that book.
My beloved studio cat  Snickerdoodle.  Can't create without him by my side.

This was an auto parts storage cabinet in a past life.  My husband gave it to me and we  um I mean He cleaned it up and painted it for me.

This is a mixed media canvas i'm working on.  This is just the background.

Just a few of my beautiful laces.  I am a laceaholic.  I love it!
Well, this concludes this little tour.  Thank you for checking back with me.  Have a great day
wherever you are.  Hugs,   Diana

Monday, July 16, 2012

Where Bloggers Create Party 2012

Hello everyone!  Thank you for coming to visit my little creative piece of heaven.
I am so sorry I am so late for this wonderful party.  I so look forward to this
every year.

The above picture is some of my beautiful laces.

This has since been rearranged.  I love to change things around.

A couple of sweet vignettes

I thought this view from my window in winter would help to
cool us off on this hot summer day..
This is one of my wonderful thrift store finds.  I love how it adds a
vintage vibe to my studio.

Some of my beautiful white buttons that I love to collect.

A few more treasures.
Here's my sweet chair thief villain.  It's aways a race to the chair when
he comes out to the studio with me.  He usually wins lol.
When, if by chance, I get to the chair first, this is where he lays.
I hope you enjoyed this little tour
Thank you for visiting and forgiving me for being late.
Please leave me a comment and let me know you were here.
Enjoy the rest of the tour.

Hugs to you,  Diana

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm so sorry I forgot the blog party

Oh NO!!!  It is Sunday night and I just realized I forgot to post studio pics for Karens party.
I got in a minor car accident on Friday and totaly forgot.  I'm SO Sorry!!!!  I will do a post with links
asap.  Tail between legs embarressed.  Hugs, Diana

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some Garden Flowers & A Painting

Hi everyone, I'm so sorry I haven't posted in so long.  I just got out of the blogging groove and I hope to be posting more.  I went on a little photo shoot of the gardens on the property today and thought I would share them with you.

These are my brother in laws plants.  He has a green thumb and his deck always
looks gorgeous in the summer.

I want to do a watercolor of geraniums so his pots full of them were too tempting to resist.
I haven't done a painting in awhile.  I have been painting backgrounds on canvas but haven't been
inspired as to what to paint until I was checking out a blog that I love and found  She did a painting that I fell in love with and it inspired me to
do my own.  I love how it came out and love that quote by Rumi.
I hope you like my painting.

On June 3rd my husband & I went to the coast for the day.
We went to Monterey, Carmel and Asilomar Beach.  This picture is
of me in front of a little shop in Carmel.  My favorite shop,  Findings was

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of my hubby's open heart surgery.  He is doing so well.
He is even learning to eat veggies.  Those of you who know him, know what a big deal that is
for him to eat anything green.  Yesterday he said he wanted to try a salad with ranch dressing. 
I almost fell out of my chair. 
One more little bit of news then I will let you go.
This little buger butt has been out rolling in the poison oak and has brought it home to me.
He truly believes that sharing is caring.
Now I have to go get a shot.  He's not as sweet as he looks.  LOL!!!!!
Have a great day you guys.  Thank you for visiting.  Please leave me a comment and
let me know you were here,  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Snicky D

Just a few pictures of my sweet cat.

He's such a handsome boy.

I love this picture. 

I really wanted to get a picture of him in front of
the rosemary.  It is in full bloom.
This picture doesn't do it justice.

Last week our yard looked like this.

I have been creating some beautiful things and will be posting
pictures of them soon.  Thanks for visiting and all your nice
comments about my little (big) brat cat.

Hugs to you all.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Creating is such hard work

Ahem,  Snicky D really has a hard life.   Here is proof that I am involved in slave labor.

Good help is so hard to find these days.  Sleeping on the job is a real problem around
I guess I will have to forgive him.  He did bring me a paw full of flowers.

On the other hand trying to get Samantha to like him is not so easy.
This is as close as they're going to get.
Hopefully soon, they will learn to like eachother.
See you later, gotta get back to the studio to make sure
Snicky D isn't working too hard.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Shabby Chic Studio

Hello just wanted to post some pictures of my studio.
Here in Ca we have been having an early spring.  Actually,
winter passed us by.  Not for long though.  The forecast is calling
for SNOW. 
Of course all our trees and plants have been tricked in to setting buds.
This always happens.
Here are some pictures of my studio vingettes.
As usual I have been changing things up.

I found this beautiful tray at a church yard sale.  I just love it.
I am always searching for ways to make shabby chic storage.
I got this idea from Juliana of I love vintage on you tube.
This is just one of those Home Depot nuts and bolts
containers that I have had forever.  Really love it now.

This is a jewelry box that I was using as a subsitute for
that vintage tackle box.  It is really a pretty box.
I hope you enjoyed my little vingettes.  I have alot of
fun putting them together.
Have a great rest of the day.


Friday, February 24, 2012

It's a candy kisses from heaven kind of day

Hello blog friends.
Have you ever had a day that kinda seems magical?  Where a random act of kindness from a stranger kinda just puts you in a state of bliss?  Today was that day for me.  Let me tell you I will accept candy kisses from heaven anytime I can get them.  Ok, I know you're thinking "get to the point."  Well today I was in Barnes & Noble and there is always this group of watercolor artists that I love to observe.
Today one of them surprised me with a portrait of me reading a book.
I know this isn't the best photography but my camera is acting up.    I just was so
touched by this.   I love it.  I also got to have lunch with my best friend, my sister.
I love her so much and don't get to spend enough time with her.
I also got a vintage tackle box that I have been wanting forever.  I put it on my art desk and
stuffed it full of artsy goodness.  I got the idea from Lani Kent of Healing Expressions.
I will probably be tweeking it so be prepared for a bunch of pictures of it.
Snickerdoodle has been settling in just fine.  This cat is something else!
He lets me clip his claws.  He got a bath yesterday and was cool with it.
When the camera comes out he goes into pose mode.

Look at those whiskers.  He's so cute!
In other news, my husbands boss and his wife came up for dinner a few weeks ago, and they brought me a orchid.  I have never had one before.  It is beautiful!
So far it's doing great.

Here's an extreme closeup of it.
I also have a in progress picture of my "Dance" painting.  It's just the background.
I have really enjoyed today.  I made up my mind to have a worry free couple of hours.
My husband has been having problems with his blood pressure, and it really worries me.
His insurance on his new job kicks in March 1st.  This has been a scary 3 mo's with out it.
I still worry too much especially after him having open heart surgery last June.  So please keep
us in your prayers.  Thank you for reading my rambles.  Please leave me a comment and let me know
you were here.