Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fiona's Butterfly Challenge

I have entered into a butterfly challenge over on youtube.  The challenge is to make 12 butterflys using what you have on hand.  Oh my gosh there are some beautiful butterflies being made.  I'm almost scared to post mine.  LOL.
I'm not quite up to par on making videos with my camera yet so I am doing my part in the challenge a little differently.

1st picture is an overall view.
2nd picture is a antique piece of lace made into a butterfly,
the black one next to it is made of ribbon and glimmer misted.
3rd picture.  Fiona said to think outside the box, so here are
my off the wall butterflies.  The one on the left is made out
of corrigated card board I found outside.  the one next to it
is made out of leaves.
The next set are paper butterflies.  One is hand
stamped and covered with glossy accents.  The
white one next to it was hand drawn. It is a double
layer butterfly.

Next set is glittered butterfly on flower. Stamped and

glimmermisted double layer flower.
The last set is just two different stamped butterflies.
Oops, not the last set.  The last set is a faux rusty,copper and
a real copper butterfly.
Thank you for looking.  Here is a link to the challengeFiona's Butterfly Challenge