Thursday, July 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hello and happy Thursday to you.  I have just been puttering around in my flower beds and
containers and playing with my camera.  I am not nearly as good a photographer as many of you.
But... i'm working on it. 
Just wanted to share some flowers with you.  This is an old antique wheel barrow that
I have to prop up with that ugly brick in the background.  I surprised that these marigolds

haven't died in the heat here.  Here's another wheelbarrow filled with  vinca, lavender
and some yellow marigolds.
This white container is going to get a paint job and filled with some kind of overflowing lush
plant.  I don't know what yet.  This little frog was a  gift from my mother about

35 years ago.  I cherish it.  My mother died in 1994 so this is special to me.
 This tin frog was a yard sale find.  Can you tell I like frogs?  LOL
Here is my favorite spot on the deck and my beautiful spider plant.  Next picture is
more random plants.  Thank you for taking time to visit me.  Tomorrow I am going
to take you into the studio and show you some "Green" projects I am working on and
my own version of glimmer mist with out the probaly high price tag of it.
Have a good evening and I will see you tomorrow.

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Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Diana,
I think your pictures came out great.Love your frogs.
Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment.Have a great weekend.