Monday, September 13, 2010

My traveling art tote

Hello everyone,
I came across a Spring 2008 Somerset Studio  Life article by Rebecca Sower.
This artice inspired me so much.  You know how you can look at a magazine and years
later an article you just glimpsed at really inspires you? 
This couldn't have hit me at a better time.  My mother in law is getting very feeble and can't
be left alone so, I have been called on all the time to go and look after her when my brother in law has to leave for awhile.  Anyway, it can get really boring, and I started dreading going over there. Then I came across that wonderful article.
So here is my art kit that I can grab and go at a moments notice. 
Hope this inspires you to make your own.
Have a great day.


amyrehnae said...

hi, diana! thank you so so much for your sweet comment over at my blog! it's so funny...we never know, through the power of the internet, who is thinking of us. truly amazing to me! thank you thank you thank you.

and it's so funny that you should mention rebecca sower...i recently discovered her (must find that magazine!!) and i can't get enough of her work! i am also in this strange stitching (embroidery)phase of late. i can. not. stop. lol!! gonna post some pics soon of what i spent most of last weekend on...when i do, let me know, please...wall hanging or pillow?

keep in touch, dear art sister!
i now know we need each other more than any of us realize!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Diane,
love your traveling art tote!
Great Idea.Have a wonderful evening and thanks for stopping by.

Betsy said...

Hi, Thank you so much for visiting my Niles Antique show post. Just too much commercial stuff in a lot of the antique shows these days....there's a place for that somewhere else. It was lots of fun though.
What a good idea you have here for a basket that's ready to go when you are. I can't think fast enough to put everything together when I'm in such a hurry.
I hope you're able to get out to the Lodi Street's always fun.