Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Don't you just love

Don't you just love those groupings of sun flowers along the side of the road?  I love to take pictures of them.
Even  the dried up flowers can be beautiful.  I know some people call them weeds, but I just love them.
  I finally finished a painting I have been working on.  It is called Delight.  It is of a mother and daughter.
The daughter is peeking out from behind her mother and she's holding a big bull frog.  It reminds me of the
antics I pulled as a child.  LOL! 
Sorry the pictures aren't that great.  The painting is 12X24 acrylic on canvas.
I had company over the Labor Day weekend and I taught my friend how to do
a faux fresco painting with spackling paste.  This is how it turned out.
Well I hope everyone has a great day.  Stay cool.  Autumn is on the way.


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