Saturday, September 18, 2010

My New Best Art Friend

Hi everyone. 
Hope you are having a great Saturday.
For years I have been oogling the art of people like Beryl Taylor,KC Willis and a whole
bunch of other people in random magazines.  I loved their art. I wanted to do art like that.
There was only one problem.  It involved using a sewing machine.  So I just sat in the sidelines
and oogled from a distance. Then one day I got a sewing machine.  Ahem, that was aprox 4 years
ago, Said sewing machine sat on a shelf, gathering dust, and my guilty feelings. A friend came over and
showed me how to thread it and such.  Um, I have slept many days sence then.
The longer time went on the more intimadated I got by the process.

Yesterday, I made up my mind it was time.  The machine was already threaded from my friend from
4 years ago.  I started playing around with my laces and fabrics and sat down at the machine.
The first line of stitches went fine.  I gathered more courage and sewed a little more.  Hmm,
this isn't too bad.  I started having fun with it.  Then, it happened, I ran out of thread.
Oh Noooo,  now I have to thread the machine and learn how to thread a new bobbin.
Off I go to search for the manual.  Can't find it any where.  Ok, no problem, I can go online
and down load it.
As soon as I hit the print button, I found the manual. 
So back to the studio I go.
Full of determination I start. Make mistakes, try again.  Then success.  I did it. 
I make my self take it apart and do it again.  Confidence soars!  Look at what I made.
Have a awesome day.


Karen said...

Just what I like to see, a messy work table. You must actualy be doing some fun stuff instead of cleaning and rearranging. You go girl!

Karen said...

Wait, I don't see enough pics of your art work. We need you to post a gallery.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Great fabric collage, Diana! Way to go, girl! You'll get along with your sewing machine better with each project :-)!

Minxy said...

Your fabric art is just beautiful, I too am a big fan of Beryl Taylor and KC Willis but unlike you I still haven't found the courage to give it a try.. i did just get the KCW dvds so maybe that will help,right im waffling now, sorry.. enjoy your fabric play