Monday, March 18, 2013

New Art Work (and a little story)

I just wanted to share a new set of art work.  This is being shown in progress from start to finish.
This really was a challenge for be because it's not my normal color palet, or style.  I was inspired by  Elizabeth Allan.  Link below.  I wanted this piece to be my own, so I added my own ideas to it.  Each canvas is 4"X 12".  I used acrylics, watercolor, rusty hardware, stamps and ink.
Hope you injoy.  Feed back would be appreciated.

These are the 3 canvases

I had a really hard time trying to build up the color. Canvas doesn't lend itself well to watercolor.
I had worked out the basic design in my art journal and when the canvas didn't grab the color and
smeared and left all kinds of blotchy marks I was ready to throw the canvases out the window.  LOL!
I lost the feel  & I was very discouraged.   Mantra, gesso is my friend, repeat, try again. I smeared gesso all over the canvas with a paper towel.  Then swirled on more color with another paper towel.

Now I'm starting to achieve the look i'm after.  I start feeling better about the painting.  But....
I still have that inner critic telling my work is not good enough and who do I really think  I am?
I keep pressing on and tell that inner critic to shove off.
I had cut out flowers with the Tim Holtz tattered floral die and colored them with Gelatos.  I stamped and smeared more gesso tell I got the look I was after.  Then I dug into my endless stash of buttons, rusty door hardware and started glueing everything down.  I do have to admit after all the sweat, and self doubt and trouble with the paint smearing, I am pretty pleased with how it came out.
I choose the quote "Bloom where your planted" because right now that phrase has alot of meaning to me.  I have been feeling really isolated living in such a rural area.  I hate to admit that I have been having a pity party of feeling sorry for myself.  Sooo....I decided as cheesy as it sounds to start blooming where I've been planted.  The other part of the painting says "create your dreams and live them now".  I have been trying to do something creative everyday.
I hope this little story brings some inspiration to your life.  It's hard to open up and show
vulnerability, but that's what I choose to share with you my dear readers.  I hope you enjoy this
painting.  Please leave me a comment and let me know you were here.
Hugs to you all.



Julie said...

Hi Diana! Love the shapes of the canvasses, first of all. Great colors and the finished product is beautiful!!! Thanks for showing!

Diana said...

I see my link to elizabeth allan didn't work. I will fix that tomorrow.

Tina Gilmore said...

So beautiful. I know what you mean about canvas, but i find watercolours are tricky on anything except paper! xx