Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Is in the Air


Spring is in the air but I know mother nature has a trick up her sleeve.
Just when we think we are safe and winters over, we will get this.

Today I went on a little photo shoot around my area and I wanted to show
you some of my photos.
This old barn is really ramshackle and ready to fall over.  It really saddens me to see
these old relics in such a state of decay.


I love this old tree stump with the "NO Trespassing" sign hanging haphazardly from it.
Snickerdoodle says hello to everyone.  He has grown into a 14 lb
bundle of lovable fur.
Samantha still hates him.
And now dear friends I must bid you a good night.  I promise to come back with some pictures of
my current art projects.

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Paula said...

Hello sweet Diana, Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind words! Your photos are gorgeous and your kitties look so sweet! I hope the beautiful spring weather returns soon! Hugs and love sweet friend! Paula xoxo