Friday, February 17, 2012

Newest Family member

Meet Snickerdoodle.  Last Sunday I was adopted by this little guy.  After much
sighing, "I can't keep him, and oh he's so cute" It's kinda looking like he's here
to stay.
He has a really sweet disposition.  His favorite place to be is in my lap.
He loves to go for rides in the car.  He also loves to take walks with me.
Remember Shadow?  He looks so much like her.
My new best bud.  Snickerdoodle.

In other news I have been really busy making things.  Soo sorry for the lack of posts.
I promise to have some new pictures up very soon.  I have lots to show you. 
I recently put some work in a coffee shop, and one of the customers asked me to
do a piece for her dance studio.  I have been working on that.

On the not so new, news front.  We had to put my mother in law in a Nursing home.
She had a stroke, and a bad fall.  This was last June.  It's really been heartbreaking.
because she wants to come home and can't.  There is no way we could give her the kind
of care she needs.  It's very sad.
Tim & I take lunch to her every Sat & Sun.
I hope you all are having a really great New Year!!!!!




Julie said...

I am sorry for your's rough all the way around, for everyone.

Can't wait to see your artwork!!!

Love adorable and sounds like a wondrously sweet and loving fella. My cat walks with us is so endearing! I love cats that like your lap!!! Congrats on your new family member! ENJOY!!!

Karen said...

Yep, looks right at home, he does. He knew a good home when he saw one. Must be one of those genius cats. Congratulations.

Debbie said...

So happy for your family addition, MEOW!!
Hey sweetie thank you so much for your words of encouragement on my latest blog post, it means a lot to me!!