Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Should I say good bye to my Country Living collection?

Oh my,
I have created a monster.  I have a collection of country living magazines that goes back to 1984.  Oops, I lied.  It actually goes back to the premier issue.  I forgot that I bought those back issues on ebay.  I have been wanting to be brave and get rid of them. They are outdated and I need the room for my Somerset Studio collection or my Victoria collection.  I LOVE Victoria magazine.  When they stopped publishing it.  I was devastated.  I  have a dear friend who's friendship was born because of Victoria. 13 years later and it's still going strong.  Ok back to the Country Livings.  How do I get rid of them?  Help!!!!  Am I going to regret it?  Has any of my dear readers taken the plunge and got rid of something they once cherished?
Please help me make this decision.  I will love you forever!  Good night or morning.
Have a wonderful day.  Please leave me a comment!


My Sweet Rose. said...

Hi Diana,
Oh dear we are kindred spirits, I have the same here but mine are the UK editions.
Why Oh Why do we have this addiction, I know we are not alone.
This is what I do.Have a pile by the sofa, read each one again then it has to leave the house.
I sell back issues at fairs and any that are left over I donate.
Still don't want to leave them but I have to 'move on'.
Smiles and happy reading,

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Diana.

Thank you for your kind words you left on my blog today.

I, too, was a collector of Country Living magazines. I still buy them but no longer pile them in our home. I read SO many magazines a week you would not believe it! I really stopped my Somerset also. I started buying them about 2 years ago and they are piled up in my art room...besides they costs too much now for my budget. I buy one a year. I would sell several of them as a back issues lots. Out taste change in decorating and such. So don't be quilty about selling or trowing them away.

You will feel so much better without all the clutter.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Diana.

Please send me an email at dswideman@comcast.net for a private note.


Betsy said...

Thank you so much for visiting me on my blog. I really hope you can stop by at the Lodi Street Faire.
Your new blog looks really, really good. I love the picture...a treat for the eyes.
I also had this problem with Country Living, Country Home and Victoria. It was really hard for me to part with them but I had to do it. I went through mine a few years ago and tore out some of the pages and then donated the rest of them to the library. Can't say I missed them either and it was good to have the room...my shelf was sagging.
I'll be back to visit. Betsy

Auntie Em said...

Love your 'Shabby craft room'! I too was a devoted Country Living fan, but it's not the same now. I have soo many Victoria and Romantic Home magazines but still dig some out to read almost daily. Especially the seasonal ones. They are just like old friends!
Thanks for sharing! :o)