Monday, August 2, 2010

Act As If

This blog post is really just for me.  If anyone can get something out of it that would be great.

I really believe that I am destined for better things than just doing what I was doing at my last job.
I believe you are too.  Ever since I lost my job I have been fighting with myself.  Thinking "If only I hadn't
answered that particular call that ended my career there."  I want to project into the future.  Imagine I use this
time off to really get my art out there and something great happens.  Then I will be saying,"Thank God I answered that call"! 
How do I begin?  I think I have to get past the fear of failing.  That quote comes to mind. "What would you
do if you knew you could not fail?"  I would be a successful artist.  I would also be running around buying
items to re purpose and sell.  I LOVE that!  The thrill of the hunt. Fixing things up.
I have a booth in a shop.  It's not doing well.  I live 21/2 hours away so I can't be there to tweek it and
fluff it like I would like to. Sooo.  I'm giving my 30 day notice this month and closing it.
I have been in contact with some local folks that want to see my work.
I need to set goals and ACT AS IF. 
Act like it has already been accomplished.  Believe it will happen.  Then the hard one.
Make IT Happen.

If anyone who reads this blog is struggling with any of these same issues.  I would love to hear from you.

Have an awesome day!

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