Monday, July 4, 2011

Answered Prayers

There has been some major happenings in the Polly household.  2 weeks ago tonight my mother in law took a tumble and broke her hip.  She is now in a nursing home recovering. 
3 days later my husband went in for an angiogram for chest pains and was informed that he had
two arteries completely blocked and would be immediately scheduled  for bi-pass surgery.
  To say that my world was rocked would be putting it mildly.  My husband is my best friend and
any thought that I might lose him is unthinkable.  I fell apart.  Then I turned our lives over to God.
I have a friend at church that once told me that she has to constantly throw her son on the alter of
Christ.  Those words came back to me.   So, I took my beloved husband and threw him at the feet of
Christ.  This crises was not in my control.
  3 hours after surgery my husband was cracking jokes.  They had him sitting up and standing.
5 days later he was able to go visit his mother.  God has answered my prayers.  He is doing so good.
This has taught me to again, put my trust in God.  For all problems, every challenge we go through there
is a reason.  God has a purpose.   Trust Him!!!!


EllenaElizabeth said...

praise the lord and thanks for sharing sister in christ!


I re-visited your blog and read your "Answered Prayers". My heart was with you while reading it. I'm glad everything is going well now.
Praise God. Thank you for sharing.
God bless.