Friday, April 8, 2011

Snow In April

We Have been having some crazy weather here in Central Ca.  We had 10" of snow today.
Just a couple of weeks ago we had crazy rain/snow/wind storms that knocked out power for
up to a week.  We were blessed we only went 2 days with out power.
   Thank God for all the PG&E crews who worked diligently throughout the storms to
bring the power back to our mountain communities.
  Just a few days ago my sister and I were taking pictures "In" the wild flowers.
I'm not kidding about being in the flowers.  LOL.   This last picture is of my sister
Rachelle.  She comes up and spends weekends with me and we hole up in my
studio and work on art projects.
I will be posting pictures soon of what I have been doing.
Have a great rest of the day.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Diana, I want a copy of that top pic of your in the flowers for my scrapbook. It's super. When is your sis coming next?