Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Wish I Were

Right now I am sooo enamored of 2 artists work. Can I be them, Please?
Kelly Rae Roberts and DJ pettitt. I have been kicking out pieces like
crazy. I really am trying to do my own thing with them and not simply
sit down and copy their work. Kelly Rae said she is moving to Portland Or
in a few months and I'm jelouse. I want to move to the Pacific Northwest
so bad.
I am lucky to live in a beautiful area so I am not ungrateful. I just long
for cool cloudy weather. Here in Central Ca it is so hot. Hot and dry.
The fire danger is very real. Just had one about an hour away that
was a major fire. So far the Lord is keeping us safe.
Today I drove down to Fresno and went to Joanns.
Surprise ! They were having a major sale on canvases .
50% off so I stocked up.
Well I'm going out to the studio to paint.
Have a good rest of your Sunday.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Love those sales! Wish I were in California!!! Love California!!!
Stay out of winds from fires, if you can...those things are terrible out there! Stay safe.